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Rachael is an Australian Actress descending from European heritage. Her Father is from Polish and German backgrounds and her mother from Holland.


From this heritage hails a curiosity of the world and becoming a world traveler.  Rachael has toured Castles in Denmark, Manor Homes in England, museums of Paris and Art Galleries of Berlin. Skied the Austrian and Canadian Alps, drank mint tea with the Blue people of the Sahara desert, attended a small  attendee mass  service with the Pope at the Vatican in Rome.


Toured, the ruins of Pompeii, read rare Gothic text in the historic library of Wolfenbuttle, Germany - the home of distiller Jagermeister . Attended the 4 day Wagner “Ring Cycle Opera” in Australia, and she has cheered drinking beer watching the Stanley Cup Grand Finals in Vancouver. 

She has worked for the Australian team for the Vancouver 2010 winter Olympics and partied with Canadians supporting gold medal wins in the streets of Vancouver. 


Rachael is an adventurous heroine she has been equestrian horse riding in the Forests of Finland, Cycled the flats of Holland, snorkeled The Great Barrier Reef Australia, played junior semi pro tennis, Para glided in Tasmania, sighted crocodiles speed boating the Florida keys. Helicopter over the Whitsunday Islands, trekked the Grand Canyon, driven snow mobiles over backcountry Whistler in the Canadian Mountains and attended Maui Thai, Yoga and Meditation retreats . 

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