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Production Photos 

"Deadline Gallipoli" by NBC Universal owned  Matchbox Pictures DIR: Michael Rymer 
Playing an Egyptian - Acting opposite Hollywood Actor Sam Worthington -  Learned Arabic for this role - having a Dutch heritage helped for the arabic sounds!
Emmy Award Winning playwrite William Mastosimone's play EXTREMITIES -
playing the Farrah Fawcett / Susan Saradan lead role of Marjorie - to rave reviews and nominated for the Walk of Fame plaque
Harold Pinter's play "Old Times" - playing the Kristin Scott Thomas lead role of Anna -
to rave reviews and nominated for the Walk of Fame Plaque
"Come Home Soon" 
Dir: Hollywood Actor - Matthew Lillard
Vancouver, Canada 

Rachael won the Emotional Impact Award for

Acting in this film at the Vancouver Impact Awards.

She also produced this production. 

UK Olivier Award Winning produced by Production of "Trumpageddon"
by Seabright Productions London 
Hit sell out show.
Aussie Film - "True Blue" Playing reporter Sarah Reynolds 
Theatre of Disability Company production of "Reconnection" 
Actor, Acting tutor to disabled actors and creative facilitator, working with director Alirio Zavance-
a 10 month journey !
Playing in the centre in green and blue with hands up above and on floor below 
Photos from various other Film,Television and Theatre work stills  - name will hover over photo 
Canadian TV show Best of BC - a Halloween spooky Seas
Various Corporate Acting / Mcing Contracts 
Hosting and Producing the Australian Directors Guild and Mystique production Q and A Australian tour Event on director Michael Rymer's career 
Womans Expo 
Samsung Launch of the Edge 
Southern Cross Cultural Exchange South Australian State representative speaking at schools 
Milo Cricket campaign
Brice-girdles Chocolates Web TV interview
for SA Reviews
Fashion Label Revoque with the designer for the Melbourne Cup product launch 
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